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How to Make Things Easier for Your Clients and You

The Basics of Good Client Management | Smartsheet

When an accounting firm is properly organized the clients will be pleased to work with them. Being organized saves both parties time and avoids unnecessary rework.

Who You need as Clients?

Millennials in the Workforce: How Technology Shaped Them

For business development, it is probably wise to consider the spending power of Millennials who are rapidly becoming business owners. The oldest Millennial will soon make up most of the workforce. Studies have shown that they want more services from accounting firms and so the task for accounting firms is to recruit more millennials. Marketing is a key to building a younger pipeline, and proactive practice management and business development become your client hub.

Create Capacity, Make Everyone Happy

We know you can create capacity in your firm by subtracting low-value tasks and ongoing interruptions. Utilize automation and outsourcing to rectify this issue. Studies have shown that clients want to avoid the complexity of our services and recommendations, so save time by notifying them of your results and recommendations instead of wasting their time explaining the process.

Clients don’t want long turnaround times or unwanted filing extensions even when they are at fault for their lack of action of providing documentation on a timely basis as an issue that prevents you from providing your service in an orderly fashion. Make it easy for your clients and make it easy for your firm at the same time by automating necessary procedures.

Give Your Clients a Drop-Dead Easy Way to Work with Your Firm

To make the client experience with your firm simple and seamless follow these 3 steps.

  1. Pick a platform that fits your clients’ needs
  2. Decide on the services you’ll provide
  3. Build a grid with your options

Tech That Helps

After you have your platform, service offering, and options, you need to choose what is best for your clients, your team, and your firm. If you focus on your clients’ needs, the service offerings and products will follow. Choosing a scalable, repeatable process supported by technology is crucial to your success. Make sure that you have tech that provides you leverage.

A Great Client Experience

To create a better, modern, and easy Client Experience, you must choose modern tools that are also mobile-enabled. If you can achieve a better Client Experience through all your tools, that will make it easy for your clients, your team, and you.

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